John Alda keynote presentation (excerpt 1:49 sec).
John Alda, Principal Researcher
John Alda is the inventor of A Self-organizing Hereditary Internet (Patent) and founder of Genetic Internet. He introduced the concepts Hereditary Internet, Machine Genetics and Self-organizing World Wide Web. Prior to Genetic Internet, John was a systems engineer at Netscape and Internet applications engineer at Powersoft/Sybase. He held analyst positions at GE Capital Commercial Real Estate and Fidelity Investments. John founded Stratavision Capital Partners LLC and Stratavision Studios LLC, providing technical strategy for Hologic, Thomson Financial, Allmerica Financial, McCann Erickson and Oxygen Media. He has represented business owners in real estate development, operational management and complex conflicts with large-network franchisors.
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Patent: Self-organizing Hereditary Internet, November 26, 2019
Christopher Zervas, Investor
Christopher made the first investments in Genetic Internet. He has played the role of multifaceted advisor and has provided key inputs into our product development.
Previous Collaborators 2015 - 2019
Below is the research team that built Genetic Internet VIBES, an operating system for the World Wide Web.
Javed Madraswala, Childhood Learning Researcher
Javed was involved in the earliest prototypes of Genetic Internet's products. He has an early-adopter mind-set and is an expert gamer. Javed also works with special needs and autistic children and brings those insights into product development. He holds a business degree from San Jose State University.
Peter Tran, Senior Research and Development Engineer
Peter works closely with John Alda on novel and innovative computing concepts. He previously worked at NASA and has a broad range of engineering skills. He holds a BS in Computer Science from UCSD.
Danny Sanchez, Gaming and Social Media Researcher
Danny works with all our prototypes and engages potential users through research groups and social media. Danny is an expert MMO gamer and hacker. Prior to working with Genetic Internet, Danny worked in banking and healthcare.