John Alda, Founder and Interim CEO
John Alda is the founder and inventor of Hereditary Internet (Genetic Internet) and Genetic Internet VIBES. Prior to Genetic Internet, John was a systems engineer at Netscape and Internet applications engineer at Powersoft/Sybase. He previously founded and led a technology company providing technical strategy for Hologic, Thomson Financial, Allmerica Financial, McCann Erickson and Oxygen Media. John studied finance and science at Northeastern University and graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Design. He pursued a Master of Design at Northeastern University’s School of Architecture. John's research interests span neuroscience, regenerative medicine, network science, information theory, biomechatronics and architecture—fields which represent the architectural underpinnings of Genetic Internet.

John is the author of strategic white paper:
Machine Genetics: The Unrealized Potential Of The World Wide Web.